Slammers Bingo is the state’s number #1 Bingo Hall.

Slammers Bingo is a 14,000 square foot facility in Lakewood, CO

As Colorado’s newest bingo hall, Slammers Bingo has over 14,000 spacious square feet of luxury, including the latest construction design with beautiful marble and carpet floors, excellent lighting, and over-sized rest rooms.

We are equipped with an elevated caller stand with an excellent audio system connected to 11 TV’s and easy to see flashboards so players can keep track of the action.



The Slammers Group

Slammers Bingo is the newest addition to the 51,000 square foot facility in Lakewood that is known for its baseball training. This massive facility is owned by a group of ex-major league baseball players and businessmen and has grown to include strength and conditioning as well as golf training.

The Slammers group saw the need for a way for non-profits to raise money for a variety of needs. We decided to build a very clean and luxurious Bingo Hall for players of all ages to enjoy. Slammers Baseball & Softball has become the premier indoor training facility in the state and we believe we now have the premier Bingo Hall in the state.

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Slammers Bingo welcomes all non-for profit Charitable Organizations into our hall as a means of raising funds for their specific cause. Please call the Hall at 303-339-8250 for more information.


Slammers Bingo has the best concession area in the state, we offer home-made food featuring fantastic Mexican specialities, including green chili, burritos, tamales and tacos for your affordable dining pleasure.


Slammers Bingo was created so various Charities/ Organizations could raise funds for their specific fundraising needs. Slammers would like to express our sincere thanks for your support so they may reach their goals for their cause.


Slammers Bingo also offers a large well-lit parking lot and easy access from all major bus routes.

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Slammers Bingo

Slammers Bingo
1878 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
Lakewood, CO 80232-6831

Phone: (303) 339-8250
Fax: (303) 339-8251

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